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Musicians certainly depend on ideas, suitable ideas. Ideas is something the Nighthawks have never been short of. However, at the start they did not know where these original ideas would eventually lead them. They were happier not knowing, aware of the restraining effect that too much rational analysis would have on their curiosity and instincts. Instead, the Nighthawks placed their trust both in themselves and their ideas. This time, their travels led them into the thicket of the Romanian forests, the glamorous Brazilian Trancoso, to the picturesque “Rialto Hotel” in Warsaw and to the almost deserted steppes of Iran. “I have been travelling around a lot these last few years, I was in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Moldavia,” says Martino. “Of course that affected our music, especially as I met fantastic singers such as Anna Maria Jopek from Poland or Emilia Istvan, a Roma icon, whose qualities have given the new album a unique character.”

Things cannot always be planned when you work on an album. Emilia Istvan is a case in point. "In Timisoara, I heard 'Ederlezi', a traditional Roma song which impressed me a lot. It's a wonder that the song finally made it on to the album as Emilia is constantly on the move around the entire Balkan region. By lucky coincidence, I managed to record her voice in a hotel room in Bucharest. When the piece was completed I realised that it effectively represented the starting point of our journey which eventually led to 'Male Tesknoty' featuring the fantastic Anna Maria Jopek and Sting's guitarist Dominic Miller." 

Both 'Ederlezi' and 'Male Tesknoty', a Polish hit from the 80s, demonstrate Dal Martino's and Reiner Winterschladen's unique ability to reshape a musically rather absurd original into a typical Nighthawks soundscape. The epic 'Dust', the last track on the CD with its somewhat Arabic melodic motif, is evidence of their universal pretensions. On top of this, their music is becoming increasingly compact. Not one note is out of place, not one sample is used just for the sake of it. The Nighthawks are resounding proof of the premise that less is more. 

In many cases, their music works like a soundtrack to an imaginary film. The new album ‘Today’ is no exception. One should just listen to the bouncy grooving and mysterious ‘The Consul Is Driving’ which would make a brilliant soundtrack for a psycho thriller. The slightly wistful ‘To The Bar And Back’ would also perfectly complement the film noir genre. “Even after the recording process has started, an album such as this always requires numerous decisions to be taken. I could name each album ’One Million Decisions’. However, in the end I believe that only things that really strike a nerve with us pass through the filter of my spirit.” The new Nighthawks CD, which has been called ‘’Today’’ for good reason, demonstrates what Dal Martino and Reiner Winterschladen are getting excited about in the here and now. It is a musical journey of discovery: soul, jazz, pop, reggae, Latin American and Arabic influences, melodies from Poland and the Balkan region – driven by their passion for experiment, the Nighthawks are not concerned with borders. Aside from their undoubtedly top class musicianship, it is their curiosity and their love of the unusual that makes ‘’Today’’ so exciting and entertaining.