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Studnitzky Trio

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- Studnitzky Trio

"What I had in mind was a business card in music without any blatant concept bullshit. Basically pure musical meat, served on a little round silver platter", explains the musician from Berlin. Studnitzky says: "I like things that come along a little frugally. I think we should relearn to let music and musicians speak, and do without the showy and spectacular." This, of course, is an exclusive pleasure. It helps to be a master of what one might call 'feeling' or 'tint', like Studnitzky is. With relish he creatively searches for organic tone colors and patterns, his piano playing is calm, balanced and peculiarly centered. His music is more about reduction and destilling statements than about pressing as many notes as possible into one solo. Studnitzky's trumpet sound is also warm, soft and mellow. 

Sebastian Studnitzky's "Trio" is a confident, unwound acoustic jazz album, a small, yet powerful artefact made of pure musical taste. For the band leader, these recordings are a creative timeout from the turbulence of his many projects in the past few years. Not only with his own band TRIBAND, but also as a sideman (Mezzoforte, Rebekka Bakken, Wolfgang Haffner, Nils Landgren, and others) he is one of Germany's busiest jazz musicians.