Soul Of A Singer


Soul Of A Singer

Herzog Records
901001 HER

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- Soul Of A Singer

"Soul of a Singer" earns its title and bares the soul of an exceptional singer, a mature entertainer and well-versed educator on the peak of his emotional and vocal possiblilities. It does so in collaboration with some truly great and understanding musicians. The eleven songs on this album touch and thrill, from the funky "Holler", a heartfelt tribute to Cascaro's idol Johnny Guitar Watson, via the sensually moving "Waiting" and the physically stirring "Summer Love", to his incredible version of Lionel Richie's "Love Will Find A Way". Almost more importantly: The music grabs the listener again and again, thanks to the multi-faceted voice of Jeff Cascaro, as deeply relaxed by Jazz and full of Soul as it is, and through the worldclass production by Christian von Kaphengst.

Jeff Cascaro has every right to be proud of this album. It convinces and excites with ten new and highly original compositions, by Cascaro himself, as well as by Kaphengst and Kleiner, with lyrics by Henning Wehland of H-Blockx or the American pianist and poetess Robin Goldsby. "Love will find a way" by Lionel Richie and Curtis Mayfield's "Trippin' Out", the two cover-versions, are in a class by themselves and still fit in perfectly, because Jeff Cascaro devotes himself to these beautiful melodies and grooves so personally and in such a profound manner. 

Till Brönner, as a trumpeter friend of Jeff was dying to get into this mix when he heard the first recordings – within days he added some beautiful solos and harmonies to “Waiting” and “Holler”. “These are of course, and not just by chance, the most personal songs on this album”, admits Jeff Cascaro. ““Holler“ is my personal hymn to Johnny Guitar Watson, the „Superman Lover“, whom I’ve always admired and who really taught me a lot through his music. I always liked this song by india.arie, which she sings to all the people who influenced her. I am doing the same thing, but taking my time and doing it one by one – and I just had to start with Johnny! I wrote „Waiting“ for my son, because I’d really like to see more of him.”