Les Brünettes


Les Brünettes

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- Les Brünettes

Friendship and a common love for music will create a very special quartet in 2010. Four young singers, four unique voices, four temperaments, four times impressive stage presence - these are Les Brünettes.

As young as they are, the four singers' eyes wander to genre greats such as Andrew Sisters, The Supremes, New York Voices and Singers Unlimited. A wide spectrum and yet the aforementioned unite the great feelings. Les Brünettes decided to reconquer the stage as a place of splendour and elegance, even in beautiful clothes. The fine balance between vocal inwardness and stage glamour brings Les Brünettes tastefully to the point. The four women acknowledge that their music also has a melancholic note with a smiling nod: "While singing we four release many different feelings. And a little bit of melancholy is part of life. The melancholy certainly enchants us ourselves - and so does the audience".

All the more beautiful that Les Brünettes take part in the renaissance of vocal singing. Sometimes warm and tender, sometimes cheeky, sometimes full of passion, they present a wide repertoire of jazzy pieces, soulful pop songs and virtuously arranged standards. And how Les Brünettes do this has the magic of the old days. Blatantly beautiful how four individual voices in harmony evoke a world of longing. It is also possible in our present!