Jeff Cascaro plays the first JazzNacht at the Zeche Zollverein in Essen on June 22nd

20. June 2018 - 12:03 -- Rüdiger Herzog

All these mornings tend to be alike: up with the legs, have a tea. Not just a ritual, rather a necessity. But the thoughts already revolve around music. This morning I took the three sidesteps to the stereo and put on Jeff Cascaro´s latest record “Love and Blues in the City”. No later than the fabulous track “Ain´t No Love in the Heart of the City” and the spirits are wide awake and jumping. An incredibly beautiful piece of music, with a gentle, subtle groove. While listening to this production it occurred to me, that something might have got lost in contemporary jazz. In great jazz music there is a certain rhythmic quality present – you may call it the ´bounce´. Swinging in mid tempo it gets your teacup to hop and puts that special smile on your face. And that is exactly what Jeff Cascaro will bring to the stage at the very first JazzNacht on the 22nd of June at the Zeche Zollverein. This morning it did make me happy!