Lisa Bassenge

Singer Lisa Bassenge entered the jazz scene at the beginning of the 2000s and yet made it unmistakably clear that the jazz concept is too narrow for her. The Berlin artist placed herself as a pop song interpreter, Hildegard Knef adept and Club Icon with the project Micatone. In passing, she occupied a new, exciting musical field and let jazz turn somersaults with new ideas. And she did all this with her very own interpretative strength, which was to become her trademark. Their subsequent albums in German even made it into the pop charts. The media was upside down.  Now there is no peace, but after a trip to producer legend Larry Klein, Lisa Bassenge has now created a new musical environment for herself. Her international trio, consisting of Swedish pianist Jacob Karlzon and Danish bassist Andreas Lang, dig deep into the world of songs. With classics like'Still crazy after all these years', 'Norwegian Wood', soul tunes like 'I feel like breaking up somebody's home', Waren Zevon's 'Keep me in your heart' or the bluesy 'Ramblin' man' the new repertoire is well presented.