Jessica Gall

Jessica Gall, born in Berlin as the daughter of a couple of musicians, studied jazz at the Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler", but allowed herself any freedom early on in her search for her own style, even outside the genre. To finance her studies, she worked as a background singer for Phil Collins and Sarah Connor, among others. After her works "Just Like You" (2008), "Little Big Soul" (2010), "Riviera" (2012) and "Riviera Live Concert", "Picture Perfect" is her fifth album. Together with Robert Matt and co-authors Robin Meloy Goldsby, Shannon Callahan and David Anania, Jessica Gall has found a place between the memories of jazz and the finally exciting Olympus of singer/songwriters. From now on everything seems possible.

If her first albums were still sorted somewhat unperturbed into the jazz category, this should be difficult even for the inexperienced record dealer. She herself, says Jessica Gall, is not too interested in the classification, "it inspires me more to be able and allowed to make music at all. I like to be varied, and so I also listen to music privately. That ranges from Lady Gaga to Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits or Ella Fitzgerald. What appeals to me the most is a good lyric".
Her album now boasts of just this. Probably also because it was created in exactly the environment that Jessica Gall wanted. The work was created in collaboration with her husband, "we just both start writing, fortunately the work takes place completely in our house". The one with the apple trees and the birds in the garden, "even our studio is accommodated there - which of course makes it all the easier for us and our children". You can almost hear relief in her voice. "Then the band comes along," says Jessica Gall. Besides Robert Matt on piano and programming, these are Johannes Feige (guitars), Björn Werra (bass) and Martell Beigang (drums). "They play everything live and have a big part in the result", says Jessica Gall, "because I try out and critically examine my and Robert's specifications with her".
That also applies to her live performances. Jessica says she is now "very happy not to be the control freak on stage who I used to be in the studio with". Sometimes the unpredictable happens on stage, "I used to find that totally exhausting, but today it holds an incredible magic for me". Their fans would certainly like to sign the last part of this sentence.