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Benny Greb releases Video for Grebchestra

10. October 2017 - 10:45 -- Rüdiger Herzog

A few weeks ago Benny Greb has released his album Grebfruit 2 on Herzog Records. The album is a musical barrage of powerful beats and delicate vocal arrangements – or vice versa. As a singing drummer Benny Greb may seem to be walking out on thin ice. But as it turns out, he is dancing on a glorious big block of pack ice. The album definitely is a triumphant statement. To further underline that, he has cut videos to many of the songs together with Meinl. Yesterday the video Grebchestra has been released. There is a method and now a face as well to the madness.

In Bremerhaven Jeff Cascaro will perform his new program for the first time

9. October 2017 - 17:26 -- Rüdiger Herzog

It´s really a piece of cake – one may think. Musicians love songs and, as seasoned professionals, they know them by heart. From a huge repertoire Jeff Cascaro has put together a congenial set for his brand new album Love & Blues in the City. Now, at the Seaside Jam in Bremerhaven, on the 27th of October, the first concert is due and what has been worked out so brilliantly in the studio has to pass the test of the stage. That means a lot of rehearsing, rechecking of changes, harmonies and timbres to find the perfect musical balance for a live setting.

Nighthawks are taking off for a little tour

5. October 2017 - 13:49 -- Rüdiger Herzog

Autumn is falling down on us and the Nighthawks are taking off for a little tour of Germany´s southern regions. Their first station will be the Jazzclub in Wangen, on October the 6th. Then onwards to “their” Garage in Kleinwinternheim and finally, on the 8th of October, to the prestigious Burghof in Lörrach. The music of the Nighthawks is suited perfectly for this time of the year. Don´t miss Your chance to enjoy their wonderful, pulsing music live and let Yourself be transported around the globe – that is what their album “707” is about.

Jeff Cascaro placed #1 Itunes Album Jazz Charts

30. September 2017 - 16:51 -- Rüdiger Herzog

What can I say? The week is coming to an end and all of a sudden the adrenalin is pumping. Singer Jeff Cascaro has entered the Itunes Album Jazz Charts at No. 1. Yesterday, after a long day of interviews here in Hamburg, we ended up in an Italian restaurant, talking about Love & Blues. The very subjects at the heart of Cascaro´s new album Love & Blues in the City. Take a wild guess: who is hiding behind the LP cover?!

Jeff Cascaro "Love & Blues In The City" is available

29. September 2017 - 15:25 -- Oliver
Love & Blues in the city

Cascaro's passion for music shines through—as he rhapsodizes about his musical idols and the history of jazz. The same passion pulses through Love & Blues in the City. In contrast to his previous soul-jazz recordings, Love & Blues in the City offers a subtle, laid-back feeling, with touches of classic jazz phrasing and artistry. “The time was ripe to record a more jazzy and intimate album. I wanted to put a stronger emphasis on the voice and its delicacies.”


Les Brünettes as guest presenters at Deutschlandfunk

28. September 2017 - 22:03 -- Oliver
Les Brünettes

Coming saturday, 30th of September, Les Brünettes will host the program “Klassik-Pop-et cetera” at radio station Deutschlandfunk. Starting at 10:05 h Juliette Brousset and fellow members Julia Pellegrini, Stephanie Neigel and Lisa Herbolzheimer will chat and tittle-tattle about their latest album The Beatles Close-Up.




Jeff Cascaro - Love & Blues in the City

26. September 2017 - 18:45 -- Rüdiger Herzog
Jeff Cascaro

Managing an independent record label is bound to give one the blues quite frequently. It is work in a game full of challenges – perhaps more than ever. When asked, why I even bother, there is just one simple answer: I´m in love with music. Which presumably is the way jazz singer Jeff Cascaro feels about it as well. And which is why he has placed these conflicting sentiments of Love & Blues in the title of his new CD.

The Oh!chestra rocking the Reeperbahn

18. September 2017 - 14:04 -- Rüdiger Herzog
The Oh!chestra

The grand “Reeperbahn Festival” is only just beginning this week, but already there has been a magnificent concert on this famously infamous boulevard – although completely separate from the “Reeperbahn Festival”. The Oh!chestra has been rocking the Kukuun Club. As part of the event series “Kiez Klassik” the duo, consisting of drums and piano, has laid down a phenomenal performance. A duo – a discovery!

Jeff Cascaro - Love & Blues in the City

15. September 2017 - 10:44 -- Rüdiger Herzog

Jeff Cascaro´s voice is remarkable! And in the past weeks I have been hearing it on the phone almost every day. Why? Because even seasoned artists get jumpy when the release date of their latest album approaches. All kinds of questions: “Is there anything important left to do? Have You talked to such-or-such? Did they like the album?” It´s a marathon – but, considering the wonderful musical results, a rewarding one in itself. So far the resonance in journalistic circles has been outright positive! And we are not handing out free tickets to the Bahamas.

Jeff Cascaro - Love & Blues in the City

8. September 2017 - 10:46 -- Rüdiger Herzog
Foto Jeff Cascaro by Jim Rakete (Berlin)

What sets music in motion? Stylish pictures! We took it the French way – perhaps not quite as Truffaut-like "men of cinema" – and had a glass of cool white wine with Mr. Jeff Cascaro, as we went strolling the streets of Berlin on a mild summer night. The result being some atmospheric impressions for his forthcoming and truly marvellous album “love & blues in the city”. It will be available at the 29th of September. Take a look:


photo: Jim Rakete

A year from today

25. March 2015 - 12:30 -- Rüdiger Herzog

Man is not well known for his foresightedness. That's why we want to help a bit. In exactly one year from today, the VIVA ALTONA! Festival will take part at the Fabrik Hamburg. On the occasion of Herzog Records' 10th Anniversary. So we want to surprise you with a "Night of Groove" on March 18th 2016, brought to you by the brass band Marshall Cooper and the electronic-jazz group Nighthawks. And the day after, on March 19th 2016 the "Night of Soul" will end the festival.


23. February 2015 - 16:30 -- Rüdiger Herzog

Reiner Winterschladen is nominated for the German "Echo Jazz" - Award as "Best Instrumentalist of the Year / Brass Instruments National". Reason for this nomination is the last Nighthawks record 'Rio Bravo'. Herzog Records congratulates trumpet player Reiner Winterschladen on this, and congratulations to the band as well.

Jeff Cascaro goes Soul Town

20. January 2015 - 18:00 -- Rüdiger Herzog

What else does a singer have to prove himself, if he already released three successful soul jazz albums? Jeff Cascaro was looking for another challenge and found one. Olaf Stötzler, the manager of the hr- Bigband, brought Jeff Cascaro together with his bigband again. This collaboration resulted in a rhythm'n soul night, that has been performed twice and will partially be released online on decembre 5th. Jeff Cascaro & hr- Bigband - Soul Town. Open your ears - this is just terrific! Soul music cannot be more captivating.


Benny Greb concludes tour succesfully

20. January 2015 - 17:40 -- Rüdiger Herzog

What does a band do when its tour is over. Imagine three musicians sitting in a café and musing happily about the ten has-been concerts. People came to see them anywhere. This music is too thrilling obviously. And of course the band recorded every concert of the tour on harddrive, like professionals certainly do. I think there's enough reason to look forward to 2015. There will certainly be live versions available for purchase. But first of all a little break. Thanks to the fans, the band says: bye for now!!

Moving Parts among top 3 in iTunes-Jazzcharts

20. January 2015 - 16:21 -- Timothy Davies

The day has come... The long-awaited release of "Moving Parts"! Benny Greb, internationally succesful drummer presents his new project on tour! (dates in our "LIVE"-section) On those days we are checking the charts, obviously; iTunes has become an institution in this field, too. The Internet is a fast moving media, rankings are constantly changing. But: Benny Greb's "Moving Parts" stands its ground emong the top3 and justifiably so!